Hearts Net

Hearts Net card view

Hearts Net card view

Card game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Up to four players can play against each other in realtime via WiFi, Bluetooth, or Game Center. It has made up to 130 dollars a day in sales, and gotten as high as number 33 in the card game category in the U.S. store. I am very close to releasing a Mac version on Apple’s Mac App Store.

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Hearts Net at iTunes App Store
Hearts Solo at iTunes App Store


Slipknot main view

Slipknot main view

Slipknot is a framework for creating “Digital Catalog” apps. Runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I wrote the iOS wrapper, the client supplies the HTML content for each app.

I created an extensive javascript bridge that allows for two-way communication between the app and its embedded web content. Other features include remote (push) notifications, local notifications, CoreLocation updates (so users can be notified of deals nearby), Google Admob ads, and Google Analytics. I created a detailed preferences view so that beta testers can try out various parameter changes, such as enabling CoreLocation updates while running in the background.

The client intends to create many apps of this type, all with different HTML content. To make that possible, 99 percent of the code for this app is in a reusable static library. That means that the amount of code written for each specific app is very small: a single Objective-C source file and header.

Preferences screenshot
App Store app one
App Store app two


DUB Home View

DUB Home View

Contact manager for iPhone. Syncs your phone’s contacts to and from a web service. DUB can also be used from the web site, and there are versions for Blackberry and Android. This project was dormant for a long time, but has finally been released with a new name, CircleBack.

CircleBack Home Page
CircleBack at iTunes App Store

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Superbrowser web view

Specialized web browser written for a client. It allows you to write web apps that have capabilities that could not be achieved with Mobile Safari, such as access to the user’s current location, creating a button that will bring up the iPhone’s picture browser and allow the user to upload one of them to the web site, and much more.

Parking Garage Finder

MapViewer main view

Parking Garage Finder MapKit view

Uses the iPhone’s CoreLocation framework to discover the user’s current location, queries an HTTP service to find nearby parking garages, and uses the MapKit framework to display the results. Also capable of geocoding and reverse geocoding, so that locations can be displayed as text and entered directly by the user.